Where eye doctors?

Zocdoc helps you find ophthalmologists in Manhattan, New York and beyond. All appointment times are guaranteed by our ophthalmologists in Manhattan, New York. Eye health is a vital part of overall health, so primary eye care is the first step for many patients with routine eye disorders or problems. With a dedicated team of experienced and highly trained optometrists, patients have access to many types of solutions to improve modern vision and eye care.

We provide important maintenance of your vision and eye health, including updating your prescription for glasses and contact lenses, treating infections and common eye conditions. We offer comprehensive eye exams that incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques. By providing comprehensive, evidence-based eye exams, patients can expect to receive the best possible options for their specific eye and vision health needs. You'll find a dedicated team of board-certified ophthalmologists, licensed optometrists, and technicians who perform basic eye exams and eye tests.

Update your prescription for glasses and contact lenses, treat infections and eye conditions, such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, screen for systemic conditions such as diabetes and brain tumors, and more.

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