Can an Optometrist Treat Eye Injuries?

Optometrists are highly trained professionals who can diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, and treat most eye diseases. In the event of an eye emergency, it is important to seek medical attention right away as some injuries can cause permanent damage, including blindness. Whether you visit your ophthalmologist, primary care doctor, or the emergency department, it is essential to get the help you need. Eye injuries can occur from a variety of activities, such as playing with your pet, cleaning the house, or participating in sports.

If the eye or eyelid is cut or punctured, do not wash your eye and never try to remove an object that penetrates the eye. If you are ever close to a child or adult who has been injured in the eye, stay calm and follow all medical advice. It is possible to improve your vision at the beginning of this condition with the help of your eye care provider. With certain eye injuries, no matter what type of symptoms you have, you should seek emergency medical attention.

Your plain English library for vision therapy, children's vision, neurooptometry and primary eye care can provide helpful information. If you plan to be outdoors, you'll want to protect your eyes from the sun's rays with the right pair of glasses to keep your vision effective. Annual eye exams are always a good idea, but sometimes you need to pick up the phone and schedule an urgent care visit to the ophthalmologist. Emergency eye care involves medical treatment that helps treat injuries, damages, illnesses, and conditions that can cause permanent damage to vision.

Googly eyes can also indicate a thyroid condition called Graves disease or eye sock problems such as inflammation, tumors, or bacterial infections. This is a topic that can be a little complicated because optometrists deal with some but not all eye injuries. Toxic chemicals found in cleaning sprays, detergents, bleach, and other liquids can cause significant eye damage and permanent vision loss if they enter the eye. Regular visits to your optometrist can turn back the curtain on any underlying health conditions before they worsen.

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